Any tips for a good medium near Brooklyn in NYC? Lots of articles on the best NYC city psychics/mediums suggest the same few people….curious if there are any really good little known psychics or mediums who work in or around the city, low cost and are legit?

Edit:  Here is an article on the best NYC mediums – curious if anyone here has seen anyone on this list.

“They’re all very in tune with what women want to hear,” quips Anne Fahey, the executive director of fashion PR for Chanel, who’s seen her fair share of psychics over the years and has even hired one who bases her readings on the contents of handbags to work Chanel parties. “She told me I needed to have more fun with my handbags.”

The dozen people who follow use a variety of methods to provide a compass to their clients’ lives, to help them find lost things or even communicate with a pet. Absolute faith in their pronouncements is not required (do you believe everything your shrink says?), but you may want to have it. Most of them keep the bad news to themselves.

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