Are soulmates real – or are we destined to love many people, in many different ways, throughout many different lifetimes?

One of the really common questions we get from our readers is on the topic of soulmates. Many of the mediums we speak to, believe that there ARE no soulmates, and yet, simultaneously, we are ALL soulmates in some wild and weird interconnected way that is difficult to discern in human experience.

Recently, we attended a really powerful group reading with several very skilled mediums, and when one woman in the audience asked about her “soulmate” (who had recently crossed over at a young age) each of the mediums, independently, saw his energy happy and healthy and connected to other souls on his same “level” on the other side. The woman was quite distressed, as she thought this man was her lifelong partner. And he WAS. (insofar as they had been together for half of their young lives – both in their late 20’s) But on the cosmic scale, from the “spiritual” persepctive – that time together is akin to a fraction of a second, and each of these mediums, independently had described this soulmate connection being important but brief. (and not something that was meant to carry on beyond one lifetime)

It’s a confusing and emotionally charged subject, as many of us want to believe that our partners in THIS lifetime – will be part of our eternal energy and existence for eons to come 🙂 Many mediums we respect don’t believe this, and while what IS true is a mystery, be very wary of any psychic, medium or spiritual “teacher” whose best advice, is simply the stuff you really want to hear. (as that’s the absolute easiest way to make people happy – with sappy spiritual “happily ever after” stories that may have no real relationship to the way the universe truly works.

What do you believe? Are soulmates real? Would you be okay knowing that the love of your life is JUST the love of ONE life (this one) – or do you need to believe that love goes on forever……for it to feel good? Interesting questions….and often, answers that are hard to think about – and yet, important to ponder nonetheless.

For more on soulmates and some other perspectives, keep reading at the link below.

A few years later though, he was in a relationship with a baby on the way and I was pregnant. Our lives and the paths had changed. I didn’t think of him ever again. I had lost him.

Until, last year. My partner got a new job, our lives were great we had three beautiful children and a home. Life was pretty great. We went to a bonfire night at our local field where the entire community had gathered to watch the fireworks display, my partner and I were putting our two youngest on a fair ride when my partner looked behind me and said “Alright mate”. I turned to see who he was talking to, and all I saw was two eyes, his eyes, looking at me, staring, he was there. All the euphoria of my previous and first experience was there, I had to stop before our partners saw, so I ripped my eyes away from his.

A few weeks later, while out shopping a car pulled up. My heart started racing, I could feel him. He got out orb the car and our eyes burned into each other’s. I tried to stop but I couldn’t hr just kept staring, looking as scared as me. I knew then, that he must have been feeling powerless too. I tried to tell my partner his colleague was approaching us, but my words wouldn’t come out. All I could do was hold his arm and nod towards him. As soon as my partner acknowledged him. It stopped. And he was out of sight.

About a month after that, while shopping with my mother. I found myself walking behind him. He didn’t know I was there and I made sure he’d never know. Until, he spun around, like something had just jumped out on him, his eyes met mine, we stared, I pained, my breath gone and my whole body tingling, but his partner saw. He broke off the stare. I ran into a nearby shop, I had to get away, I was being consumed with love and guilt. When I had caught my breath, I left the shop. And there he was, looking for me through the cloud. I looked back at him, I gave a very soft smile, then I walked away.

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