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Where Does Psychic Ability Come From?

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Are people born psychic?  Can you be a medium from birth?  Are psychic abilities inherited?  If not…..where do they come from and why do some people have them, while others don’t?

The truth about psychic abilities is this:

  1.  they remain pretty mysterious!  Even people who are incredibly intuitive and empathic, don’t neccessarily “know” where those gifts come from.  (even if they have a good story they tell themselves about why)
  2.  Psychic abilities can be trained.  Much like a good musician can learn to be great, and a non playing piano player can become a pianist with practice.  We’ve taught many tools and techiques that can amplify psychic abilities in just about everyone.  (and the secret sauce is definitely meditation!)
  3. Where do YOU believe psychic abilities come from?  Some of our members believe only THEY have them, and the rest of the world not so much 🙂  What do you say?  Share your own psychic experiences in the community comments below.

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