How do psychics trick people? What is cold reading? Do mediums cheat? And how do mediums appear to be accurate, when they are really just coughing up obvious information?

We get a lot of questions about cold readings, bad readings and readings that sound more like a scam….than spirit. That said, some of the articles out there that aim to “debunk” psychic mediumship are SO obviously misguided as well, as to appear like these folks had ONE bad reading, or saw ONE obvious film flam medium on TV, and then decided that every reading, all the time, was equally as obvious.

Here is a quick tip for the skeptics out there. You don’t believe in an afterlife. We get it. You think all psychics are scams. We understand that, too! But, at least do yourself some journalistic credibility and do some research on the article you are publishing…..if in fact, you are getting paid to write it 🙂 It amazes me how many people think that the rest of us are so GULLIBLE, that we can’t spot the obvious cold reading scams when they present themselves. Yes, many mediums are guessing. Yes, many mediums are not great, not accurate, and not really mediums at all. (although I’d argue most believe they are, and aren’t intentionally deceiving anyone, other than themselves)

But to explain away ALL mediumship and all readings are “guessing” or fishing for answers in an obvious way, does a huge dis-service to the millions of people who have had extraordinary psychic and spiritual experiences where we have in fact, felt like we’ve gotten a glimpse of what lies beyond. Check out the article below from Thrillist – who “debunks” all readings using the “7 tricks mediums play on the rest of us, to pretend they’re real” schtick.

ll a psychic needs to do is start out by explaining that the messages they get can be vague, and they might need help to understand why they’re important. If the client agrees, boom, they’ve got cooperation. “I’m seeing a name with the letter C. Oh, it was the letter K? Thank you. When I get these impressions from the spirit world, sometimes mistakes like that can happen. Now I’m sensing that this person was either your father, or knew your father, or was maybe on his side of the family. I may need your help here. Oh, it was your mother’s father? Yes, right, it’s getting clearer now. It was your grandfather. I knew it involved a father somehow. It’s starting to come together.”

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