Have you had any crazy, cool or unusual psychic experiences?  Have you had anything happen in your life that you wouldn’t have believed it…..had someone else told you the same story? As someone who has written and shared hundreds of articles, blog posts and newsletters on psychic readings, you could say I’ve had my fair share of psychic predictions.

As a matter of fact, as of 2017, I’ve had more psychic readings in my day than just about anyone else in the world that I know.

Lots of great experiences.  Many have shifted what I believe about the world, and my place in it as well.

But, if we’re being honest – plenty more bad ones to boot. It would be untrue to say that most of the readings i’ve gotten over the years have been accurate, insightful or exceptional at all.

Like everything else in life, talking to a psychic is a mixed bag.

I’d guess about 15% of the experiences have been really good.

About 5% have blown me away.

But those 5%, including the psychic predictions mentioned below, are SO amazingly accurate, that they literally changed everything I believed was possible.

Let’s take a look at 2 of my favorite “freaky” ones below (although I could probably list another 50 that were equally as weird).

Filed Under: The Psychic Medium Who “SAW” Michele

I had a friend named Michele who passed away at work. She was not only a co-worker, but a pretty close friend as well. One day I called a professional medium from a popular psychic service while doing some reviews and research for one of our websites. The medium told me all sorts of things that were uncannily accurate.

But then… she STUMPED me by telling me I had a close friend and co-worker, whose name began with an “M”, who had recently crossed over. I knew no one who had died… and the only “M” co-worker was my friend Michele.

Suffice it to say, not only was the medium insistent, she described a whole bunch of details about her crossing that were very odd and very specific as well. (including her appearance, her exact age and a hobby she would be doing before her death)

I tried to disregard all of this of course, and said nothing to anyone, other than my girlfriend at the time. (who told me it was silly)

Of course, Michele passed away unexpectedly, of a sudden brain aneurism not 10 days later. While this prediction was 10 days too soon… to argue it was NOT meant to describe this particular person is far too fetched for even my most skeptical debate partners to argue.

Filed Under: Found Treasure!

Last year I spoke to another psychic by phone, this time someone I had met at a meet up in my local community in South Florida. (but who had then moved 1000 miles across the country) She told me that I had a “hidden treasure” waiting for me in an old drawer I hadn’t opened in a long time.

I disregarded this immediately, as anyone who knows me knows I have very LITTLE furniture, and only one set of drawers in my house. (my office desk, which is highly organized and has very little clutter)

Not 3 days after this reading, (she was very insistent I look) I happened to be in my parents house, in the home in which I grew up.

My Mom sent me upstairs to move some chairs down to the family room for a party they were having… and in doing so, my eyes gravitated to a little desk next to the closet I hadn’t opened in 20 years.

When I did… not ONLY was there a collection of baseball cards in sealed and unopened boxes from 20 years ago and more, there was also 700 dollars in cash, from my 13th birthday party (a Bar Mitzvah, as I grew up Jewish) that I had never collected!

Strange but 100% true! Have you had any psychic predictions that have come true? If you have, you know it’s something that can change everything you believe in an instant, EVEN if you are an open minded, skeptic like me!

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