Why do psychic mediums charge so much money? Shouldn’t a real psychic work for free? What does god think about psychics who get paid big bucks to do “his” work? Does any of this really matter?

Here is a comment that came in early today that I thought captured the spirit (no pun intended) of what many people want to know regarding psychic prices, and why, at least in my view (A point of view not shared by many of my partners, I might add!) there is absolutely NO relationship between religion, and “god” and what psychic mediums charge for a reading.

I’d go as far as to add, to me…..a really good medium is someone who has trained in certain capacities that we all have to one degree or another – and not something that is related to spirituality at all. You can be a really olympic quality meditator, and have incredible experiences with otherworldly visions and feel connected with “the other side” and have amazing adventures in the astral, or ethereal realms. That doesn’t make you a good person, or a divinely guided person, simply because you have trained your brain to see things the rest of us can’t.

Here is todays question, and my answer, below. Agree? Disagree? Tell us why on FB, or in the community comments below.

Q: What is so baffling – as a born psychic myself and dealing with a rare, incurable spine disease- is that given Lauren’s story and overcoming adversity, her rates are so high, (yet states they are “competitive based on experience” ) making her services completely out of reach for anyone living on disability.

God gave each of us intuition, and I continue to be shocked by anyone who justifies charging high prices to make a living…missing God’s divine intention of psychic readings. They are for ALL people- not just those with money.

Psychic readings are to inspire, help, lead, guide, enlighten and heal. To clarify, provoke thought, provide answers/closure and communicate messages. Our purpose is to assist people with spiritual awakening- which is NEVER for profit.
We must love each other equally and readings should NEVER be out of reach for anyone, especially the poor, disabled, victims of domestic violence/abuse and in various stages of grief/crisis, ….the ones who need it most.
If psychics can’t offer sliding scales and free readings it’s time to assess priorities, maybe find a better paying regular job and give readings PT and/or on weekends.
Edgar Cayce is a perfect example. He used his gift selflessly to help others in need, with paying and non paying clients and made it work.
Psychics, of all people, should set the gold standard as an example of “Paying it Forward”. Showing how spiritually and ethnically responsible and respectful we are.

A: Hi Lisa! First – i’m really sorry to hear about your spine disease, and truly hope that you find help healing, I know how difficult those things can be.

Secondly, I appreciate and understand much of what you express above, as it relates to the prices some mediums charge – and I have absolutely no experience with Lauren (above) to warrant whether or not she is “worth” the fees she gets (I did the interview with her, but am in no position to vouch for her abilities – as I haven’t personally seen her work – nor have I spoken to anyone directly who has)

I am actually fairly skeptical of most mediums – and through running this community (and many similar ones) have found that there are many super nice, very helpful, and genuine folks who do this work – who mean really, really well……but who simply aren’t all that “psychic” – if I were to apply a rigorous criteria for “scoring” their readings. (making really ANY amount of money, outside of just conversing with an empathic and caring person – money I would rather spend elsewhere)

There are obvious exceptions of course – and there are mediums I’ve watched work who are truly extraordinary – and are doing something I can’t easily explain.

That said – I do also take exception with your categorization of “psychic” abilities being “Gods” divine gift or will – as there is really no evidence for that being true – any more than artistic talent or musical ability or good basketball genes being a divine gift that ought to be “capped” in terms of what those folks ought to be able to charge for their work.

Psychic abilities – or being gifted in ways that allow for a deeper sense of understanding, or intuition, or to be able to see more deeply and clearly into things the rest of us can’t – is merely a function of brains – and most likely, based on most science – is something trainable as well. So I think the people who spend their lives cultivating the sort of concentration – or intuitive gifts – ought not to be put on some sort of divine pedestal – because i dare say, God, and religion – at least in my world view – has very little to do with any of this – and is a completely different area of inquiry as well.

(I do take your point about Edgar Cayce – and think his story is one that ought to be an example to many of us – whether we are doctors, lawyers, or mediums 🙂

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