An interview with Chuck Bergman, a retired Salem police officer, author and psychic medium.

Chuck has written several books on his experiences as a psychic medium, and his work in (and with) law enforcement, well worth reading for skeptics, cynics and the curious but not yet convinced.

Several of our FB friends have recommended this particular book – especially for those who aren’t comfortable with a lot of the more “new age” elements of mediumship, and we’ve found it to be a very down to earth, pragmatic and inspirational approach to how psychic abilities land in real life, for real people… “woo woo” required 🙂

Chuck is also a friend of, and recommended by, James Van Praagh – and he tells a great story in the video above on how they met, and the strange circumstances that led to his becoming a professional medium as a result.

Check the book out here. (and Chucks other book as well – which unfortunately, to my eye, is not yet available on Kindle, but can be ordered in soft cover from Amazon as well)

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