Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

Q: Does everyone have a guardian angel? If YES…..where are mine when I them most?

One of the most frequent questions we get on our FB page, via email and in the community comments on social media in general, relates to guardian angels, spirit guides and the invisible “support systems” we all hope to have. The truth is, while it’s nice to hear you have angels/guides and heavenly helpers, it’s difficult to truly BELIEVE, when you feel alone, isolated and on your own.

One of the most interesting areas of our own work has been with near death experiencers who report, almost universally, the presence of spirit guides, angels and a spiritual support team for lack of a better word, when they had their brief glimpse of the other side.

I remember a few years ago, speaking with someone who read Natalie Sudman’s great book on her near death experience, where she encountered thousands of angels/guides and helpers she described as quite literally, a stadium filled up with a spiritual support team, as the best description of what she had also had witnessed in the “other world” as well.

Most people, who have NDE’s, describe the deep knowing of TRULY KNOWING they are never alone in this world, even if they have spent their lives, feeling all alone. This can be the most life enhancing part of a spiritual experience, knowing that your loved ones who are lost or crossed, are in some real way, never far, and all of us, no matter how isolating life can be, are never truly alone.

Have you had an experience with a guardian angel, spirit guide or heavenly helper of one kind or another? Share with us on Facebook…..or in the community comments below!

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When you reflect on your life so far, you can probably think of many moments when it seemed like a guardian angel was watching over you — from guidance or encouragement that came to you at just the right time, to a dramatic rescue from a dangerous situation. But do you have just one guardian angel whom God has personally assigned to accompany you for your entire earthly lifetime? Or do you have a huge amount of guardian angels who may potentially help you or other people if God chooses them for the job?

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