Have you ever struggled with writers block?

If you are anything like the hundreds of inspirational architects, transformational teachers, luminous light workers, helpers, healers, and purpose driven professionals that we’ve worked with who radiate passion, wit and wisdom, but CAN’T get that book done, the antidote is easier than you realize.

The truth is, most of us are so passionate, and feel so aligned with a sense of purpose and power about our message, that we make the pursuit of perfection, the enemy of achievement. You want to share SO much, and have so much to say….that that pesky and persistent “perfectionist” in your head keeps telling you it’s not ready, right?

Maybe you have a different excuse. Maybe your voice says the time isn’t right – or the words aren’t right – or the season isn’t right?

(this is one of my favorites – someone told me last week that real authors typically write in the Fall. Uh…..what?? Someone better tell Hemingway he got his seasons all screwy 🙂

Whatever the excuse is, that little monkey mind who can’t keep quiet, isn’t gonna go away when you’re ready.

Life is short. So whatever is worth doing tomorrow,is clearly worth doing today.

The best lesson I’ve learned as a creative, and an entrepreneur who loves helping passionate people who have a helpful, hopeful, healing message to share with the world, is this:

Teach don’t write.

Think of yourself as a teacher, not as a writer.

The antidote to writers block is simply starting super duper small….and creating the smallest valuable thing you can.

Make your audience better in ONE key area.

Offer up one insight – one exercise – one tool or tip or technique that they can use right now – to transform their lives.

The absolute BEST and most memorable lessons I’ve learned from my own teachers – spiritual authors, have been small, succinct lessons I’ve used to transform my life. Easy, applicable exercises that I could try and apply in real time, and that later, I could lean on when I needed a hand up.

That’s what a true teacher does. They teach us how to live when we find ourselves in a wilderness of confusion and change.

And if your words and wisdom can truly change the world, and offer hope and healing to a planet of people who so uniquely and desperately need to hear that message right now…….

Writers block ain’t a good excuse anymore.

Teach, don’t write.

Start small. Start now. And start with one simple thing.

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