What is the easiest way to market my spiritual business? What do “light workers” need to know to turn our life purpose into a profitable business?

  1. Connect with a community of other enlightened entrepreneurs!
  2. What can you borrow to build?  What can you leverage to launch?  Figure out who has your ideal audience and figure out ways to add value (either through sharing your own experience or expertise) or identify other ways to partner with their platform.  (for example, we are always looking for inspirational authors, empaths, healers, teachers, spiritual seekers and other likeminded peers to write for our ENLIGHTENUP publishing platform)
  3. Create a small product, a course, a coaching offer or something similar….and then add an “affiliate” program that incentivizes other people to promote YOU (and your products) to their platform.

Lots more of course as well – but continue reading some other thoughts below if you’d like to earn a rewarding income doing work that you love.

If you are anything like the majority of people who work in the helping, healing or spiritual services business, and STRUGGLE with marketing, you are obviously in good company. The little known secret about helpers, healers and light workers of all types is this: We either err on the side of NO marketing mojo or business skills, or err on the side of buying into the spiritual business “gurus” who often sell and recommend really silly, superficial and ineffective brand building content that is akin to spinning your wheels for weeks, months or even years. (all while annoying the hell out of your friends and family on Facebook as well 🙂

The good news?

how to promote a spiritual businessIf you have a spiritual services business and want help marketing it, we are going to be teaching a new class in October for easy, ethical and effective marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs. Topics we’ll cover will be book marketing, blog building, content creation, platform building, email marketing, creating courses, finding your tribe, connecting with your community and in general, becoming an ETHICAL online marketing badass, even if you know nothing at all right now.

One of the very best ways to promote your spiritual services, and truly change the world with your work, is by teaching a course.

Podia.com is the platform we use here at famousmarket.mystagingwebsite.com) for our content and courses – it’s easy, affordable and makes creating great looking courses for your brand and business…..super easy.  Try Podia for 30 days free – and get started selling your spiritual content and courses, here. 

If you are an enlightened entrepreneur, mindful marketer, spiritual teacher or seeker who is looking to change the world with your work – connect with our entrepreneurial community on Facebook, here!  (we’d love to help you grow)

We’re going to have lots of great new articles on the blog over the next few weeks, specifically on marketing a spiritual business, so look for those and sign up to get notified when our course drops in October, by signing up for our email list, here!

In the meantime, here are some other marketing resources for spiritual entrepreneurs, from around the web….below:

Are you a rock star spiritual practitioner who gets stellar results for you clients… but you’re still struggling with a feast or famine business model?

If so, I’m willing to bet that more than once you’ve asked yourself, “Can I really make a living doing what I love?”

Well the answer is YES. I know hundreds of metaphysical business owners just like you who are making an abundant living using their spiritual gifts.

So what makes them different than you? It’s all in the marketing baby…

If you’re not getting the results you want in your spiritual business chances are, you’re falling into marketing traps below…


2. Mindful Marketing:  Spiritual Business Tips for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

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