Who are the mediums that our readership recommends?  Which local psychics, mediums and “healers” deserve to be discovered on a much larger stage?  You asked….and so we intend to answer!

We’ve recently added our brand new “Readers Choice” section of psychics and mediums who are purely recommended by our readership – those who visit us here, our Facebook fans and followers our email subscribers and folks who just serendipitiously stop by to offer insight into experiences you’ve had with gifted professionals on this path.

For years we’ve received emails and private messages from folks who have had amazing and inspiring experiences with mediums around the world – and more often than not, these were people we didn’t “list” or feature or profile on our directory.  So while we celebrated these helpful, hopeful and healing experiences with our readership when shared, quite often…..they would disappear into the background noise and be forgotten, very shortly thereafter.

Of course, when other people would stop by days, weeks or months later and ASK for a recommendation in a very specific city or town, or would ask about a specific medium that we faintly remembered hearing something really good about, it was difficult to say with 100% certainty, without going through all of the past emails or FB messages or Twitter dm’s or otherwise, what exactly people had said.  (my memory isn’t all that good I’m finding either, which doesn’t make this any easier 😉

What we decided to do, for Summer of 2017, is what we should have done long ago!

Create a curated list, and category of the very best psychics and mediums that were recommended by our readership, by dint of YOUR experiences, your positive reviews and YOUR seal of approval, rather than ours.  The truth is, there are so many talented, gifted “light workers” working in the world today, many of them anonymously, with little fan fare, but who are preternaturally gifted, and giving, and who do amazing work that deserves to be recognized.  Some of the people listed in this category will be well known already.  Others will be well known to people living in a specific geographic area, but largely unknown outside of it.

And others still will be supremely gifted, deserve a larger audience, but for whatever reason, have stayed “small”.

We hope to shine a bright and beckoning light on all who do this work wonderfully well….in the spirit of service, and in the spirit of sharing, with the hope that a little bit of extra attention, benefits all.

Have a psychic or medium that you know deserves to be on this list?  Tell us about them!  Suddenlypsychic@gmail.com or connect with us via comments here, our contact form, on Twitter, FB or anywhere else we appear online.

Our first “readers choice” medium is Traci Bray, in Kansas City, who is both certified by the Windbridge Institute, as well as the Forever Family Foundation, the only 2 bodies we recognize as legitimately “certifying” mediums in a credible and evidence oriented way.  We’ve had more than 4 people in the midwest write to  us about Traci over the last 6 months, and while we don’t know her personally, that IS the point!  So we’re happy to include her as one of our first recommendations in the readers choice category.

Check out Traci Bray’s profile here – or visit her website HERE, or her quite active Facebook page.

Many more to come – we look forward to sharing your recommendations for good psychics, mediums and spiritual thought leaders where you live, around the web…and the world, so keep them coming!




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