Who are YOUR favorite mediums? What experience have YOU had that turned you from a skeptic…..into a believer? Or maybe you WANT to believe, but have had nothing but mediocre experiences with “recommended” mediums that leave you scratching your head?

Every day we get at least ONE review, recommendation or uplifting experience shared by one of our readers, visitors or social media followers that NEVER makes it on to our site. These are people who simply want to share a REAL experience that THEY had with a psychic or medium, that profoundly helped them, healed them, or influenced them in a meaningful, or magical way.

We believe that when it comes to finding a medium, YOUR voice is the most important voice of all…..and that trust and truth and transparency ought to come from the experiences of real people, in the service of spiritual growth – AND not from what (or who) some online business recommends, in the service of self interest.

To that end – we’ve added a brand new category (called “YOUR CHOICE”) to our directory that will represent ONLY the real recommendations of our readership – but dint of your authentic experiences. Our hope is to elevate the experience – and expectations of our audience – and this industry – by carefully curating this list based only on the experiences of our audience. (no silly phrases like “tested” or “certified by joeblowpsychicinstituteinsomebodysbasement.com” – unless of course, that certification and testing leads to an extraordinary experience for you! 

Know of a psychic or medium that needs to be included in THIS list? Have you had a reading with one of our mediums that HASN’T been good, or wasn’t as advertised? We want to know about those too! Share with us suddenlypsychic@gmail.com, or anywhere you find us online!

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