Looking for a list of the best psychic mediums in your city, state or town?

Trying to find a LEGITIMATE list of mediums who are accurate, authentic and truly gifted?

Have you gone to see a medium that you HEARD was really good…..only to find out they were fishing for answers, cold reading, guessing, or simply completely off the mark?

Or maybe you’ve just had a psychic reading SO good that you feel the overwhelming urge to share it with the world?

We’ve added two new sections to our psychic directory this summer, to list both”

Our top recommendations for top psychics and mediums we believe are exciting, innovative, accurate and interesting

And YOUR choices, based on reader recommendations only, for the psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers you’ve been most impressed with, or inspired by, while seeking out guidance and help, out in the world.

So if you know of a medium who is accurate, honest and amazing, please share them with us, either in the comments below, by adding them to our list, or on our FB page or email.

This way, other people can discover some of the “lesser known” but truly gifted mediums and psychics who deserve a greater platform, and a bigger stage to shine.

If you’ve had a BAD experience with a popular, or well rated, or reviewed “Yelp” psychic or medium? We want to know about those too! So many of these types of readers get unduly high reviews online, by dint of fans/friends and followers showing them love on their pages. (then of course, others who believe those to be accurate, waste time, energy and precious income on readings that are doomed to disappoint)

Help us elevate the experience of everyone who is passionate about this path, and share your best psychic or spiritual recommendations with us, and the world. 🙂

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