Is Tyler Henry, the “Hollywood Medium” a fraud?

tyler henry scamYou don’t need to be psychic to predict that every time a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher of one type or another makes it big on the silver (or small) screen, the haters, skeptics and cynics are going to come out of the woodwork, crying foul, fake and fraud in LARGE capital letters.

The truth is, there ARE in fact many fake psychics, mediums and spiritual gurus of one type or another…and some are more obvious than others. The problem, of course, with this type of article (the one below calling Tyler Henry a “fake”) is that they always begin their argument, and attack, with a fallacious and foolish claim. NO ONE, they’ll always begin, is psychic – and NEVER have psychic abilities been proven to exist. Full stop.

Of course this is 100% untrue – and there have been countless scientific studies of psychic abilities that are FAR more credible and evidential than the vast majority of skeptics, or cynics, even know…..let alone understand.

(here is a LONG list of published papers, many in peer reviewed scientific journals, on the reality of psychic experiences, abilities and tests, often in very controlled lab settings)

And invariably of course, NONE of these attack articles are by folks who have ever had personal experiences with the subject of their skepticism, they just act the part of the proverbial armchair quarterback (or critic) and lob insults and appear to understand EXACTLY what folks like John Edward, Tyler Henry and others are doing in incredible detail, even though they’ve never met them in person, or been affected or impressed personally by the evidence that they offer behind the scenes. (Claiming it’s all “cold reading” – a boring a tired trope of skeptics of all things that would appear to suggest that “spirit” exists, or that consciousness itself – something even modern neuroscience can’t explain or agree upon – couldn’t possibly be outside of the body or brain)

Do YOU believe Tyler Henry is a fake? To me, it’s almost besides the point. I happen to be impressed with Tyler – but I simply don’t know enough about him, in a personal and private way, to know if he’s as good behind the scenes, as the TV cameras would suggest. But the idea that ALL psychics are frauds, as a place to begin ANY exploration of authenticity, says more (sadly) about the skeptics and cynics who claim to know it all, than it does about those they criticize from a far.

You can read the whole article, at the link below.

Each episode of Hollywood Medium consists of individual readings of three or four celebrities. Henry explains that he’s being shipped off to read a celebrity client with no knowledge of who he’s going to read.
We’re repeatedly reminded that Henry doesn’t know much about pop culture or celebrities to begin with, due to his small-town upbringing. “I don’t watch much TV,” he tells his subjects, apologetically. “Tyler is just a simple kid whose idea of a good time is sitting on the porch of the family farm in Hanford and looking out at the trees,” Corbett told TV Insider.
The readings always take place on the celebrity’s turf, with a friend or associate sitting in a nearby room and watching on a monitor. The sessions last at least an hour, Henry told The Outline, and are edited into a much shorter segment, intercut with scenes from “backstage” and a confessional-style, straight-to-camera testimonial from the subject after the reading.

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