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Now Reading: Near Death Experiences: How Do People Change After Having an NDE?


Near Death Experiences: How Do People Change After Having an NDE?

svgDecember 16, 2016Afterlife Evidenceangela

Do near death experiences change people? If so…..HOW so? What are the “side effects” of having a spiritually transformative experience?

One of the most exciting and inspiring elements of NDE’s are the incredible after affects that those of us who have one, report…..often for years thereafter. Many people come back with rare psychic or intuitive gifts, or understandings that transform the way we look at life, and death, and everything in between. Others return with more dramatic changes to their bodies and minds that manifest in ways both miraculous and mundane. There are many CHALLENGES as well faced by nde survivors that many rarely talk about, except with others who have experienced the same things.

Here is an exciting documentary on near death experiences, and the magical and mysterious ways in which such a unexpected intervention, can have huge ramifications in our lives, for years to come.

Around the world literally millions deal with Near Death Experiences, either personally or as the loved one, family or friend of someone who has been on that journey. Lives are changed irreversibly by surviving such a traumatic event. Back From The Light is a new documentary film that addresses understanding and coping with these deeply personal changes for all involved.

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    Near Death Experiences: How Do People Change After Having an NDE?

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