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paul selig channeled readings
watch an excerpt of ABC’s NIGHTLINE feature on Paul Selig here

Paul Selig is one of our favorite authors, spiritual teachers, and leading luminaries in the helping and healing space. He also is one of the most unique and accomplished. It’s great to see how much attention Paul’s channeled material has received over the last few years….when we first posted some of his content a few years back, he was doing amazing work to a very small audience.

Today, while NOT yet a household name, even in the “celebrity” psychic scene, his unique and intelligent contributions to the world of spiritual growth, personal power and the truth of a transcendent reality is gaining traction with smart spiritual folks everywhere.

A few weeks ago, a very well known medium who lives in Florida for part of the year, and who I had recommended check out Paul’s work a few years back, spontaneously called me out of the blue to thank us for recommending his books. She not only had finished the one I had initially recommended, but has since read everything else he’s written since as well.

paul selig
Paul Selig: the book of love and creation. Highly recommended!

Check out Paul’s books on Amazon here….and check out an excerpt from feature on Nightline ABC which I believe is airing in the next few days as well.


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