Tyler Henry: Between Two Worlds

Who else can’t get enough of Tyler Henry, the Hollywood medium? We get more questions about Tyler Henry than just about any other “celebrity” psychic or medium working in the world today, and that shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Why? Tyler is a unique talent, in a very unique package…..being not old enough to drink legally in most states, yet, spending most of his time with spirits. (okay….that was a terribly bad pun, I promise I’ll keep the comedy writing to myself from now on 🙂

tyler henry between two worldsSeriously though, Tyler’s youth, his good looks and his uniquely boy next door authentic appeal are in stark contrast to many of the better known mediums on TV, simply because he doesn’t seem to take himself, or his experiences, in an egotistical or self aggrandazing sort of way. (after all, how many other mediums would we see being chaperoned by their mother to see other famous celebrity clients!)

For those who have asked, yes Tyler Henry has a new book coming out – we’ve heard some really good things about it – and you can read more about it at the link on the Eonline site below!

“I’m so excited to share my story through the stories of the lives touched by connections from the other side,” Tyler said. “I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective on the life-changing transformations and the countless stories of triumph over grief. This book will answer my most commonly asked questions through real-life examples, my biggest personal lessons as a medium and the many humbling experiences that have come with being one of the youngest mediums in the world.”

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