Colin Fry passed away this week at the way too early age of 53.

A controversial (and confrontational) medium in real life……Colin Fry’s last letters reveal a man who knew he’d be scoffed and mocked after his death, but in true style….didn’t seem to care about the skeptics and cynics, and stayed true to what he believed was the authenticity of his life’s work. Of course many on social media DID in fact mock Colin Fry much like he had anticipated (which certainly doesn’t require any psychic skills to have predicted, unfortunately) but that’s more a symptom of the sad times and culture we live in, rather than a commentary on who he was in life…..or in death, as below. Read more about Colin Fry’s untimely demise at the link below.

One user even claimed sick users were claiming Colin’s death was a HOAX.

“Hi Derek, a quick question, a lot of ppl on Colin’s Facebook are saying that its hoax. Can you confirm that he has passed away?” they said.

To which Derek replied: “He has most definitely passed away. I’m disgusted that people would think this is a hoax,” he replied.

Yesterday devastated Derek tweeted: “It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my dear friend Colin Fry. Condolences to his family and friends.”

Colin’s death was confirmed on his official website in a statement which read: “It is with much sadness and regret to announce that the Reverend Colin Fry, Britain’s most loved and respected Spiritualist Medium, lost his fight against cancer and passed away peacefully in hospital in the early hours at 2:50am this morning.

“Colin brought a lot of comfort to his audiences in a career which spanned for more than 30 years. Our sympathies and condolences go out to Colin’s family and friends.”

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