Q:  What is the best way to prepare for my upcoming reading with a medium?  Is there anything I need to do to prepare…..or should I just go in like a blank slate and let what happens, happen?

A:  Questions about what to do in advance of a reading are amongst the most common that we hear.  The truth is, and this goes beyond the scope of this article a bit, but the TYPE of reading you are getting should have some influence on the process of how you prepare for the session.

For example, one of my favorite mediums on our psychic directory (I won’t name her hear to maintain fairness to all 🙂 likes to say that there are 3 parties that have to show up for a mediumistic reading to be successful.

  1. You need a good medium.
  2. You need an open and well prepared client.
  3. And of course, you need a willing participant from the other side to show up as well.

As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for people to schedule a reading with a given medium with the intention of connecting with ONE very specific soul….and that person never comes through.  Of course, lots of people would find this disappointing, when in fact, many other “eager energies” DO come through, all offering up validating evidence that they are okay, always around and that life does continue on after the physical body dies.

So why do some spirits show up and others don’t?

Believe it or not, after a few decades of researching this answer myself, I’m still not convinced there IS an answer that really does make spiritual sense.  (and I’d be weary of anyone – no matter how good they may be, who tells you that they have the DEFINITIVE answer to this, or any other number of spiritual questions that arise when studying psychic phenomena)

My best advice to people like the person above who wants to know how to prepare to speak to a medium?

Write some good questions down well in advance.

Ask your loved one, or loved ones…..to show up.

Ask them to provide a sign, symbol or some sort of spiritual syncronicity that gives YOU empirical evidence that they know you want to communicate with them, and have made an appointment or attempt to do so through a medium.

Also, and this is very important…..relax, breathe deeply and don’t put so much pressure on yourself, your loved one, or the medium!  If you are incredibly emotionally charged up or feel overwhelmed with grief, despair, guilt or other intense emotions, sometimes a medium isn’t the right avenue to pursue.  Why?  Because while  you CAN have a healing experience if your loved one comes through, if you don’t, it can lead to deeper depression and a heightened sense of loss.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to wait until you feel emotionally ready for the uncertainty that accompanies ANY spiritual experience, and aren’t basing your health, happiness or hopefulness on one person, or one 60 minute experience to give you what we are all looking for.

Have more questions about psychic readings, what to expect from a medium or any other question that may arise on your spiritual journey?    Ask us on Twitter, via email or even share in the community comments below – we’ll post them here, and answer them for you via email if possible as well!


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