Do you believe in the afterlife?  Are you convinced that the messages from mediums are real?

The chances are, if you are reading THIS article, and on THIS site…..the likelihood is YES 🙂  (although we do welcome and have our fair share of  skeptical and cynical visitors as well)

While studies show that religious belief is on a downward trend, and has been for a number of years….the percentage of people who consider themselves “Spiritual but NOT religious” is definitely growing by leaps and bounds.  (it’s actually a phrase I happen to really dislike, but it captures the sentiment of many in our community who DO believe in something much bigger than our bodies, but who aren’t aligned with any one religious tradition or the dogmas they traditionally tell us are true)

The State of Massachusetts happens to have some of the best psychics and mediums working in the world today, and with a history rich with all sorts of people and personalities who have been powerful in the “paranormal” and spiritual development field, it’s no surprise that many people in this great state tend to be far more open minded, than in other places around the country, and the world.

Here is an interesting story being featured on a local Mass news station on evidence for the afterlife tonight…… and local medium, Jess Steinman specifically in the lead up to the airing tonight.

Check out the full article at the link below – and if you look locally – catch the special feature on the broadcast at 10 EST tonight.


EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — Jessica Steinman is a medium. It’s a term that conjures up images of spirits and depending on who you talk to, hoax and fake can often be used as well.

But for those like Steinman, it’s a special gift.

“I always like to say I never thought I’d be caught dead doing this work,” Jess said.

Jess led a group reading in Easthampton just recently and it didn’t take long for her to reach the skeptics in the room, including our own Lindsay Iadeluca.

“I’m a little shocked. It gave me answers and closure but still things I’m curious about now. I can’t wait to contact the closest ones to him,” Shauna Lavinge said after Jess connected her with one of her friends.

“I think the whole reading with Shauna and JJ, because I knew him, it was really spot, really spot on. Yeah I believe her…I do,” Brittany Redfurn said. She was a skeptic at first, but a believer in just a matter of hours.

Lisa Taylor was another member of the group who found herself in tears after hearing from her beloved nephew Ryan.

“The word I’m hearing is charmer,” Steinman relayed to Lisa.

“I’m a little overwhelmed but honestly, it was very fulfilling. You always have your questions I just feel it gives you some closure and hope. She was right on the money and I’ve never met her before,” Taylor said.

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