Do spirit guides communicate with us?   Do they send physical signs?  Can they affect our emotions, our energy or even our environment?  What about guardian angels and personal protectors on the other side?  Are they trying to tell us something that we simply can’t quite see, or is the idea that we even HAVE guides in the first place  just wishful thinking and spiritual silliness?

The truth is, as psychics, empaths and spiritual teachers, we constantly get questions from people who THINK that they’ve had an experience with a guardian angel or spirit guide, but aren’t quite sure it was real, or meaningful.

If that sounds like you, let’s look at 3 types of spiritual signs that your angels are around, and that you NEED to notice to move forward in your own journey as well!

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These are things that are often NOT so obvious…but can provide lots of comfort and be ultra meaningful to those of us who experience them.  Things like objects appearing in your home that may have been associated with a loved one who has crossed are an example of this type of signs from spirit.  For example?  Some people will find a type of coin or collectible, or see a type a favorite type of bird or pet in a moment of need.  These are often the signs that many people will be afraid to share with their loved ones, thinking that they’ll sound crazy…..or that they are imagining a spiritual significance that is really NOT there.  (trust me… always is!)

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One of my favorite personal stories of spiritual awakening happened to a client who was a doctor (a psychiatrist) and a hard core skeptic.  After her father passed away, she would routinely hear the piano playing his favorite music in the study, even though she lived in the house alone.  Having no belief in ghosts, apparitions, spirit guides or guardian angels, but not being able to explain the music, she thought she was going crazy…and decided to give away the grand piano for free to a construction worker who working on a neighbor’s home a  few doors down.  Of course, even with the piano physically gone, she continued to hear the same music playing a few nights, and it wasn’t until a visiting friend asked her if she had a record player somewhere in the home playing her fathers classical music….did she realize something far more special,and spiritually significant was going on.  (and this led to a whole host of amazing experiences that are beyond the scope of this article as well)

Many people will smell a perfume, or a cigar, or a scent or sound that is closely associated with the spirit of a loved one who remains close…..which is one of the MOST powerful emotional experiences, and spiritual signs that your loved ones want you to know or notice something important.

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Often thought of as ghost or apparitional experiences, and ADC (after death communication) is the most DIRECT and obvious way that your angels or guides come through to share something important, or simply to let you know that death is not the end.  (maybe the most important message that there is)   These often happen in dreams, but are MUCH more vivid, crystal clear and hyper real than ordinary dreams, and often feel much more real than “real life” as well.

An ADC is the ULTIMATE spiritually transformative experience, as not only do they give you important information from the other side that you really NEED to know, they also provide the best evidence for life after death, and that your friends or family on the other side remain healthy, happy and free!

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