Is fate real?  Is your future fated?   Do you have a destiny, a karmic plan or a PURPOSE for your life? Curious to know what your future holds?   Millions of people are….and each and every year, we turn to psychics, mediums, spiritual counselors, intuitive advisors and mystics of ALL types and stripes to help us discover your destiny…and see where our lives are leading.

Tarot cards are amongst the most misunderstood types of psychic readings there are.

Why?  Because in my own experience, both personally and professionally alike, there are all types of myth and misinformation around tarot that you don’t see around other types of psychic predictions.

For example?

Tarot is an INTERPRETIVE art.  It is also a tool for seeing the future, and a symbolic process for interpreting different potential paths.

Two different tarot readers may interpret the same “spread” very differently, meaning you can have a definite destiny, but depending on how good the reader is at picking up the spiritual symbolism, you may get TOLD of a very different future from the cards than the cards actually suggest.

So DO make sure your tarot card reader is good….and do try to see or speak to a few different readers before making a huge investment in what one has to say.  (especially if you don’t know them all that well, or don’t have the basis to trust that they’re advice is accurate)

DO realize what tarot is best suited for as well.  Any type of spiritual symbology is good for predicting future events, for choosing a particular path, or for suggesting (and showing) multiple different potential outcomes and helping you decide which one to pursue.

Tarot IS a really fun and easy way to get relationship advice, career advice and to foresee some potential big obstacles that may stand in your way.

On the other hand…..tarot is NOT so good for very deeply spiritual or ethereal types of experiences.  For example, if someone is in deep grief over the loss of a loved one, and wants to connect with a family member, or friend who has “crossed”, it’s not a great way of doing it.  (and while there ARE those who use it……I haven’t found many reputable and accurate mediums who use a tool like tarot to help them connect that I’ve found impressive or worth recommending)

The truth is, tarot is an ancient art with a modern spiritual sensibility.  There are even “skeptics” in psychic phenomena that use tarot as a tool for decision making, just because it can be so effective, and present an alternative way of tackling a problem or overcoming a challenge!

At the end of the day….choosing a fun, easy and enjoyable way to “see” your future that makes you comfortable is most important, especially if you are curious and NOT yet convinced any of this spiritual stuff is real 🙂

A Tarot card reading can be a great fun way to get started…and one I personally highly recommend to those of you on the fence!

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