What does it feel like to die? What happens at the MOMENT of death? Do we know we are dead……or do we think we’re still alive? Is there any way to prepare for a “better” death, or to heighten our awareness of what to expect BEFORE we cross over to the other side?

The truth is, there is never any ONE single answer to this sort of question that seems to satisfy everyone…as there are many descriptions of what happens when we die, and the best way to prepare for the experience. For example? The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and many other more modern books of esoteric spiritual wisdom tell us that there are all sorts of ways to prepare ourselves in THIS life for what to expect in the next. The more aware and AWAKE we are now, according to many of these traditions and the experiences of those who have crossed temporarily (through near death experiences for example) or…..from those who “report” what the experience of death and “being dead” is like, the more concious we are now….the more conciousness we’ll have THEN 🙂

Here is a pretty good article from celebrated paranormal author Michael Tymn on some of what we may be able to expect, and how we can prepare for a better death, and more INSTANT awareness of what comes next, by practicing heightened awareness now. You can read the full article following the short excerpt below.

In other words, the mind separates itself from the material/physical organ (the brain) and then attempts to orientate itself based upon the consciousness (both spiritual and knowledgeable about the world) that it has achieved during the time it occupied a material/physical shell. If the consciousness is more highly developed, through both spiritual awakening and through learning more about the true reality of existence, the mind quickly awakens to its new and true reality. But if that consciousness is not well developed – if it is still grounded in the material world – this “handicapped” mind does not quickly “awaken” and may not realize that the physical body has been shed.

“The mind/consciousness complex [that survives bodily or material death] retains its identity (the personality still remains) after a manner in the fifth dimension, in so far as self-identity is not a material but still a physical quantity or quality,” Beichler further explains.  “However, the extent to which the complex is ‘conscious’ or mindful of its own existence, its being, would depend upon the extent to which it was ‘conscious’ or aware of its five-dimensional connections before the death of the four-dimensional [material] body and what is perceived by the mind as ‘self’ while the body still lived and functioned.”


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