Who else is interested in getting a private appointment with Theresa Caputo?  Have you lost a loved one and need closure?  Are you curious about the afterlife……but NOT convinced that she is the real deal?  Or, are you already a true blue believer and simply want personal confirmation that YOUR loved ones are close?

The truth is, there are tons of reasons why people seek out psychic mediums for readings, and you don’t need to be 100% convinced about anything at all to have a spiritually transformative experience that changes your life forever.    As long as you have an open mind and an adventurous spirit… you can find incredible hope, healing and well being from a personal experience with a gifted medium who brings you into contact with, and provides evidence that, your loved ones on the other side are close, connected and always near.

With that in mind, let’s look at some really IMPORTANT do’s and don’ts for making an appointment with Theresa Caputo, the now world famous author, reality TV star and international psychic sensation loved by MILLIONS around the globe.  These practical tips will not only give you some inside information on what you should expect from a private reading with Theresa Caputo….but also, how to avoid many of the common scams and mistakes many people make when trying to obtain information about seeing her privately.

1 – DO expect to wait a considerable amount of time to get a private reading with Theresa Caputo.  (our recent information says her waiting list how now grown to 2 years plus)

2 – DO have a contingency plan in place if several years feels like far too long to wait.  You CAN see Theresa in one of her many group sessions, where you will be in an audience of several hundred, and get to witness her psychic skills first hand, without having to spend hundreds of dollars for a private session.  (of course you WON’T be guaranteed a personal connection, but depending on the crowd and venue size, the chances are about 5-10% she may call on you)

3 – Don’t expect that her readings are FREE!  It amazes me how many people think that just because she reads folks for free on the road for her show….that she’s NOT going to charge for a private session for the general public.  While prices for Theresa are a bit hard to pin down, DO expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 or MORE for a private session….and due to her incredible fame and demand, those fees may be on the low side as I write this in 2014.

4 – DON’T try to book an appointment to see These through some third party site.  (including this one!)  The truth is, it amazes me how many folks leave US personal messages for Theresa, thinking that she is checking the comments, are scheduling appointments through a 3rd party directory, blog or psychic community.

5 -Don’t try to make an appointment with her through her social media accounts either.  Remember, while she may “tweet” and post on Facebook herself, she DOES have people who manage her career, and probably do a lot of her social media management for her as well.   If you DO want to see her, reach out to her on her PRIVATE website, using her contact form that is processes through her management company, and they will get back to you with times and availabilities.

Be smart….and NOT sloppy when seeking her out, and that means following the professional protocol that most real world business people put in place for scheduling an appointment.  (not tweeting to her how badly you need her, not sharing your recent loss on her facebook page, and NOT posting all of your private and personal details on 3rd party websites for the world to read.)

6 – DON’T be adversely influenced by the Theresa Caputo “scam” sites.  There are lots of skeptics, cynics and debunkers who don’t believe in mediums, psychics and anything spiritual at all.  that has ALWAYS been the case…and remains the case today.

It is perfectly fine for many people not to believe in spiritual experiences like the ones that Theresa speaks about, but the slander and accusations and the insults hurled by these people often go well beyond common criticism and border on bullying……and unnecessary personal attacks.  The truth is, if you are interested in mediumship, or in the possibility of an afterlife, or in the idea that your loved ones are close, seek out spiritual experiences and decide for yourself…rather than believe much of the nonsense spouted by ALL sides of the spiritual and skeptical fences.

The bottom line?

If you are serious about making an appointment to see the Long Island Medium, simply visit her website, fill out her contact form , cross your fingers and hope for the best!  Or, if you don’t have a few years to wait or a few hundred (or thousand) dollars to spend, simply reach out to a local psychic or medium in your own community, or a certified phone psychic, or learn how to develop your OWN psychic abilities have your OWN communication with your loved ones on the other side – it  happens EVERY DAY for ordinary people around the world, and with practice, so TOO will it happen for you!

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