As an emotional empath, and a spiritual life coach….one of the most common questions I get is “Are guardian angels real”?

It should  be no big surprise, right?  After all…..

spiritsPeople want to not only BELIEVE in angels, guides and personal protectors….we also want to believe that they are there for us when we need them most.

The funny thing?

The people who ask the question the most are at totally different ends of the “karma” spectrum:

Those who are having a GREAT run of luck with lots of personal success and achievement and a real sense of power and purpose and PASSION in their lives…..

And on the other side of the spiritual street….

People who are really going through a difficult or dark time….and are down on their luck, and wondering WHERE their guardian angels are, and why they DON’T (or won’t) help them in their greatest time of need.

Here is the truth from my perspective.  These are lessons learned not only through my own trials and tribulations, but also from the experiences of hundreds, if not thousands of other people over the years.

1 – Each of us has a unique and specific karma.  A purpose…and a path to our lives that is unique to us.  Your angels or guides or loved ones in spirit are not there to interfere or change the direction or destiny….EVEN if that includes pain, problem or hardships.  Instead, their job is to help you become aware and AWAKE, and to realize that not only does everything happen for a reason, but in the grand scheme of things, every challenge is really an opportunity to evolve in a spiritual sense.

2 – Most encouraging?  The vast majority of people who have had spiritually transformative experiences like NDE’s, or deep mystical experiences, or awakenings of different kinds report seeing, hearing or feeling an angel or guide who helps them on their way.  The truth is, one of the most common features of the near death experience (NDE’S) is seeing a bright and beautiful light where one’s loved ones, spiritual guides and angelic beings meet and greet them.  Most often, they tell us it’s NOT our time…and there is much left for us to do.

The funny thing?  Not only have MILLIONS of people had these experiences in every culture, country, continent and even century of human history, just about everyone who returns from this sort of spiritual journey comes BACK believing in angels and guides, even if they were completely skeptical before.  After all…there is NO evidence quite as overwhelming as experiencing something personally yourself, and in my own life, nothing more BEAUTIFUL than knowing my own guides are always around!

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