What are the after effects of a near death experience? Can you become psychic after an NDE? If so…..HOW so, and what does it mean?

One of the most surprising elements of an NDE are the little reported, but often incredible, amazing and inspiring aftereffects that many experiencers report thereafter. These residual aftereffects are often spiritual, powerful, profound…and shine a bright light on some of the “spiritual superpowers” that so many of us want to cultivate in ordinary life. Psychic experiences, for example, or psychic ABILITIES in particular, are very commonly reported by folks who come back from the “dead”, often with incredible stories of lives changed in amazing ways.

Check out this short article from iands (international association of near death studies) on some of the many people who claim to have psychic abilities after their NDE. Have you had something similar happen to you? Share your thoughts in the community comments below!

Around eighty percent of the people who experienced near-death states claimed that their lives were forever changed by what happened to them. On closer examination, though, a pattern of surprising dimensions emerged. Experiencers were not returning with just a renewed zest for life and a more spiritual outlook. They were evidencing specific psychological and physiological differences on a scale never before faced by them. And this was true with child experiencers, as well as with teenagers and adults.

Various researchers have attempted to profile these changes over the years. Even without the necessary funding to do clinical studies, most feel that enough research has been done to justify acknowledging the aftereffects pattern and making information about it available. Knowing what is typical for experiencers should help to alleviate any worry or confusion not only for the individual involved—but for family and friends, as well as health-care professionals and the community at-large.


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