If there is one thing I’ve learned in 10 + years of communicating with thousands of people on THIS side of the divide, and the other……is that everyone has a spirit guide.  Guardian angels, or what I call “personal protectors from above” are ALWAYS around us, and while most often invisible to our ordinary awareness, are there nonetheless.

What purpose do these ethereal energies serve?

Good question!

I believe that each of us as a specific purpose, and a spiritual mission to accomplish while we’re here.

In my own experience, your guides, angels, spiritual soulmates and etheric energies are there not so much to INTERFERE with your life, but to help make sure you don’t go too far afield from what you are truly here to accomplish.

For example?

In my own spiritual world view and experience, a guardian angel or spirit guide is NOT going to stop you from getting sick, or having some sort of negative experience, IF in fact….that is part of the soul or spiritual karma or contract you’ve “signed up for” in this lifetime.

This can be a very hard lesson to both communicate to people…and of course, for each of us to learn on our own.  After all….we all tend to want to live lives of perfect health, without any crisis or challenges to test our spiritual mettle….and unfortunately, as we all know, that’s NOT how life goes for any of us.

Here is the good news…….

Looked at through the prism of a more powerful perspective, EVERY challenge, and every crisis that you face is merely an opportunity to expand.  To grow.  To spiritually mature, evolve and progress.

Looked at through the lens of eternity…….or at least from the position that you DON’T die when you think you do

…..There ARE no real “human” problems in your life that are as bad as you believe, simply because when THIS life is over, no matter how challenging or difficult you may believe it to be, there is a continuation of consciousness, and “life” and the lessons you’ve learned just continues to grow, go and flow forward.  (just in a new set of surroundings)

For example?  The near death experience is a great illustration of this in action.  Millions of people, across cultures, continents and even centuries of human history have shared the idea of having a “life review” as they cross over, as a consciousness, from this side…to the next.   Usually, these life review experiences are had in the presence of spirit guides, or angels…..or the bright, beautiful and blissful light that almost ALL people report when having an NDE.  The truth is, your LIFE, as it’s being recounted in this experience is not about what you’ve accomplished or attained – instead it’s about HOW you’ve lived and loved.  And how much of what you were here to DO…..got done.

Many people have reported that they’ve been told to return to their bodies…..directly from these spirit guides and angels, simply because it was NOT yet their time and that they had much more to do.

And that is MY experience as well.  Your guides aren’t there to save you from all harm.  They are simply there to remind you of what you are here to learn.   They want you to learn those lessons NOW, in this body…and to accomplish that purpose HERE, in your current incarnation, so that you can continue your journey, with your spiritual soulmates when this life is complete.

And as the great John Lennon said – “in the end, it’s all going to be okay.  If it’s not okay….it’s not the end!”

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