Most people fall into 3 very distinct camps when it comes to believing in guardian angels and personal spirit guides.

The first camp are the skeptics, cynics and people who believe that anything spiritual is silly or new age nonsense….and refuse to consider the possibility that anything “ethereal” could possibly be real.  There are actually a lot of these people!  (and they’re numbers are growing)

The second camp are those who have a very stereotypical or cartoonish version of what a guardian angel may be.  Those people tend to picture an angel with wings…..or a halo, or picturing singing, harmonica and the other sorts of silly stuff that is commonly seen on TV or in books of that sort of thing.

The 3rd type of people are those of us who have personal experiences with guides, angels and ethereal energies and KNOW a bit better….and understand that the truth is often far between what others may believe.

Here are a few quick things I’ve personally found are 100% true when talking about my own experiences with angels.

1 – They most commonly are the people you’ve loved in life…and who have crossed before you.  Each of us has a soul group or spirit family….and in my own personal experience, those you love in life continue to be part of that spirit group when they pass, and they have access to you, when you need them most.

2 – Guardian angels rarely intervene in your day to day life.  There are karmic laws or spiritual truths that we may not be privy to understand, and your life….and how it unfolds, follows these laws in ways that prevent an angel or guide from changing actual events.  What an angel MAY do is appear to you in a way that offers illumination or inspiration, and convinces you to take an alternative path or pick a different purpose.
3 – Angels most commonly appear to us in dreams…..or often even spiritual symbols and serendipitous day to day experiences.  What one person calls karma……another person may call coincidence!

The truth is, I’ve seen tens, if not hundreds of people who have had incredible, intuitive experiences that have saved their lives, or offered them a last minute detour or change of route before a life altering accident, or have had a near death experience and encountered a being of light that they KNEW in their heart was an angel, guide or loved one...and have had their lives instantly transformed by the experience.  Others may have something similar happen, but believe it’s luck, or imagination or just try to ignore it.

So a good part of the spiritual journey, and FINDING your spiritual center and the guides that come with that, is actually being open to the experience, and embracing the magic, the mystery and the MEANING of what this life has in store for us!

What say YOU?  Do you believe……or is the idea of angels a silly one, even if you believe in other spiritual “truths”?  Tell us in the community comment section!

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