Is there heaven for pets? What happens to animals when they die? Are there different types of heaven for different types of animals……or is all of that just a a bunch of spiritual silliness that makes no sense at all?

One of the most frequent questions we get concerns the fate of our furry friends when their lives come to an end.  I’ve personally had some amazing and incredibly evidential readings (and visitations) with personal pets who have crossed over, and know many others that have as well.

Here is a quick video about what many NDE experiencers say about seeing their own dogs and cats when they’ve died…..and I know many of you have had similar experiences as well.

What do YOU believe?

Check out some additional thoughts about pets and the afterlife from around the web, below!

What happens to our pets when they die?  Do animals have souls?  If not….why not?  And if there is no afterlife for pets or animals…..why would “god” or the universe have a different fate in mind for some of the sweetest and most special souls that is different from that of ours?

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