“Exactly as accurate as any psychic reading that you would pay money for“

John Oliver doesn’t like psychics.  He particularly, doesn’t like psychic mediums 🙂  But is his criticism fair?  Does his representation of what psychic mediums do really reflect what you’ve seen or experienced in your own life?  

We’re big fans of John’s comedy…and his show – but do the very “best” mediums simply shout out a random word salad of superficial silliness and vague generalities – OR – do some exceed that standard with striking specificity – and often, provide help, hope and healing that folks who lampoon mediums……or any transcendent experience – neglect to understand?

Are there many, many “bad” psychics and mediums in the world?  Absolutely!  Working in this industry – we’ve interacted with hundreds and hundreds of “spiritual teachers” of all types…..and while the vast majority are nice and well intentioned – I’m not persuaded many of them are more “gifted” than the cartoon version that John Oliver makes a mockery of, here.  

But there are clearly others who are doing something far more interesting – and far more impressive – than the rest.  I’ve always believed the very best way to make an argument that something is “fake” (or even dangerous, as John clearly believes) – you’ve got to find the BEST examples – the most impressive cases –  and make your  argument from that standard – not the examples we can all agree – skeptics and believers alike – are cringeworthy to watch. 

I’ve seen far too many of these incredible examples – and the amazing benefits they bring to those who seek them out – to be as judgemental – and cynical – and dare we say – hurtful to those who have found peace – as John Oliver is here – in pursuit of a laugh 🙂

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