Here is a great video of Judy Guggenheim, who co-wrote “Hello From Heaven” with her then husband Bill, on the amazing encounters that everyday people have with deceased friends, loved ones and family members who have passed.

These encounters, which they called ADC’S (or after death communications) are amongst the MOST common types of spiritual experiences there are….with quite literally, MILLIONS of people having these incredible glimpses across a wide window that reflects a wonderful world that may await us all.

Through an incredible and powerful personal experience, both Bill and Judy dedicated themselves to studying the phenomena of after death communications….and truly, this work, Hello from Heaven, has transformed many lives with it’s powerful and persuasive message that life does NOT end at physical death.

(I’ve not only read the book many times myself…..but my OWN first experience with spirit was an ADC as well, and opened me up to the idea that the afterlife is real)

Check out John Edward and Judy Guggenheim discussing some of the main features of this experience…..and if you’ve had an ADC yourself, we’d love to hear about it!

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