Interested in angels?  You obviously are NOT alone 🙂  There are millions of us who are!  Angel readings can be amongst the easiest, most exciting and LEAST expensive ways to get advice and insight from spirit, and you can often do it from home as well.

Some of the different ways to get an angel reading?

Angel Cards have become very popular over the last few years.  They resemble tarot cards in many respects and while the symbology is different, they serve the same general purpose, and are used to not only give you advice about past and current events, but to help you make important life decisions regarding FUTURE events as well.

Spirit Guide Readings are very popular as well.

These are very similar to angel readings, only the vocabulary is a bit different, and spirit guide readings generally aren’t done using cards.  Instead, a spiritual psychic or medium will tune in to what they believe to be your personal guides or protectors, or your guardian angels, and give you advice and insight and illumination that comes directly from the source or spirit.

There are other popular ways to get information and inspiration from angels as well, and a whole host of spiritual tools and techniques that are used to help “divine” insight from the ethereal realms.

Some intuitive I know use mirror meditation, crystals or even very specific types of spirit boards to connect with angels or guides.

The key is, to use what YOU find most comfortable and most closely aligns with your belief system and values when reaching out and trying to connect with whatever you believe is the source of information, inspiration and illumination coming from the non material realms.

The easiest way to get started with angel readings?

Probably angel cards, or speaking with a spiritual medium who has a direct connection with etheric energy that you trust to be genuine.  The truth is, with all of these experiences, it’s critical to having an open mind and being willing to experiment, explore and enjoy yourself while not necessarily believing anything until you get personal proof, or validation that a genuine connection is taking place.

In my own life, I’ve seen many people transformed simply through angel readings, and who have overcome all sorts of obstacles with the gentle guidance that comes from “above”.

But it’s also important to NOT believe everything you read from articles like this one, and instead dive in and DO it on your own.  The best angelic advice I’ve ever gotten?  Seek out your own spiritual connection and see for yourself…and that wasn’t from a “guardian angel” but from the first spiritual teacher I had, who taught me that the ONLY spiritual experiences that are truly meaningful, are NOT the ones you read about or believe on blind faith, but  the ones you actually have on your own.


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