What happens when we die?  Are near death experiences common?  What does it feel like to die….and come back?

With so much interest in near death experiences these days, there are is shortage of videos and accounts of actual NDE’s, as reported by people who purportedly crossed over….and have come back to tell the tale.

And with CNN doing a major story on near death experiences on Sunday night……we thought we’d share some of our favorite NDE documentary clips, and accounts and stories over the next few days.

Here is a clip from SURVIVING DEATH.….a well done documentary on 3 people of different stories and circumstances, who each had a very similar style experience that completely transformed their world view.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to share your own experiences, or thoughts, opinions or ideas on the NDE in the forum or community comments section as well!  (we love to hear from people on all sides of the spiritual fence 🙂