Are you going to be alone for the Holidays this year?  Does you family or close friends live far off or too great a distance to travel?  Or maybe, like millions of people, you actually feel ALONE wherever you are in the world, and the actual geography makes no distance at all?

The truth is, while the Holidays are billed as a time for togetherness, faith, family and friends, many people find the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas to be the most lonely time of the year, and one that exacerbates and exaggerates are sense of feeling disconnected from the things in life that we really love.

The good news?

Some of the greatest insights, inspiring moments and illuminating self discoveries come in moments of great loneliness, and some of the most amazing “a-ha” epiphanies can arise when you expect them the least as well.

As a spiritual intuitive and emotional empath, some of the things I like to remind myself, and related to own clients during the holidays include the following:

1 – Just because you may FEEL alone, you never really, truly are.  You are constantly surrounded by love, light and an incredible amount of “invisible” spiritual support that is always close, and keeping a warm and watchful eye on keeping you safe.

2 – You always control what you create.  That is the one single spiritual truism that will never steer you wrong.  

“The way people treat you is ALWAYS their karma.  The way you react, is YOURS.”

This great quote from Wayne Dyer is the only thing you need to tell yourself when dealing with difficult people, or moments around the holidays.  Many people AVOID family get togethers because they fear confrontation or experiencing uncomfortable moments with people you’d rather not see.

Understanding that what people say to you, or how they treat you is NOT about you – it’s about them – can be an incredibly liberating, freeing and amazingly enlightening understanding that frees YOU up to be yourself.  (and not on the defensive or looking to score points “against” friends or family you find difficult or challenging to be around)

3 – Lastly, always make gratitude your guru.  

You can be grateful for everyone, and everything in your life, even if you are spending that time alone.  Each of us is here to live a life of spiritual growth and emotional evolution.  Understanding that, and opening yourself up to your guides, angels and spiritual purpose is an amazing way to not only feel CONNECTED to your true path and purpose, it’s a great way to allow your energetic advisors to appear in your life when you need them most as well.

 Here is a great teaching from Eckhart Tolle about feeling lonely, and the false feeling of separation that many of us experience, and some of the really easy ways to overcome that feeling as well.

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