Who else would love to become more psychic?  Would you love to be able to trust your intuition to make important life decisions, without having to worry about making BAD choices you’ll regret later?  Or maybe you’d like to be able to peer into the future a bit, or have amazing experiences using your spiritual senses that most people never will?

The truth is, everyone has psychic ability.

It’s very much like artistic talent, or musical ability, or even in some sense, similar to mastering an athletic skill through practice and persistence.

In MY view……becoming psychic is really about awakening a latent talent that is within you right now.  Nurture that muscle….and it grows, flows and strengthens each time you do.

With that in mind, I want to give you what I believe are the 6 principal practices for refining, improving and enhancing natural intuition in a way that can make INSTANT improvements in your life.  Obviously there is only so much space in this article……and I can only describe so much detail here.  But the 6 simple steps below have not only helped in my own intuitive practice, but they’ve helped thousands of our readers exponentially enhance their own intuition as well.


Set the INTENTION to develop your intuition.  State it out loud….and if you are doing a dedicated practice or a structured regimen, re=state this intention each and every day as you begin to focus on some of the techniques below.


When you are finished with your intuitive practice, dedicate it to something BIGGER than you.  Saying I want to be psychic for selfish reasons is MUCH less powerful than dedicating your practice to something that serves, enhances or increases well being for others, or for your community.

Attention & Concentration

Most of the very effective psychic exercises are attention, or concentration based.  For example, mediation is probably the most practical, and powerful way to increase your natural psychic skill.  A simple “color” based attention exercise, or concentration technique, where you focus your attention on a mental image of a round disk of your favorite color can be a beautiful, blissful and transcendent experience that increases your sensitivity to emotions and energy around you.


Simply stated, expand your awareness.  Being able to allow your attention, and concentration to move from a “local” small mind perspective, to a BIG mind perspective, where your consciousness becomes “non localized” is an amazing way to be able to see the big picture.  Try focusing your attention, as you sit in your seat right now, at what may be happening at a place NOT within your current physical proximity.

Visualize that space….and describe, using inner dialogue,  what is happening there as you look around.  As you extend your awareness to places and spaces that are removed from your ordinary physical senses, and you practice this everyday, you’ll be amazed at how accurately you begin to SEE, psychically, things that are happening with only your “ethereal eyes” to guide you.


Lastly, SENSATION.  Feel what you see in your body.  Feel the energy, the emotions and the EMPATHY for other people, places and things when you attach your intuitive abilities to these exercises.  You’ll start to realize that you become those things that you see…..and that EVERYTHING has energy, emotion and a karmic connectivity attached to it.  Psychometry, for example…..is the ability to read energy and emotion from objects.  It’s something that is an outgrowth, in my experience, of using SENSATION as a grounding or centring point when playing with, or practicing your psychic skills.

Lastly, have FUN!

Explore, enjoy and experiment.  Don’t take this stuff all that seriously and make it an exercise that you really look forward to.  You’ll find that not only will this make it EASIER to wake up your intuitive wisdom within, you’ll also find that the window into the wide, weird and often wacky world of psychic and spiritual experiences begins to open for you in ways that you don’t expect….and that make EVERYDAY life itself an incredible journey you can’t wait to unpack!

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