Spiritual Agreement and Soul Mates

Are we born with soul contracts or spiritual agreements that govern much of how we look at….and live our lives?  Are our perspectives and experiences colored by choices we’ve made in pre life agreements, or karmic contracts that we’ve chosen….to advance our own personal growth, or spiritual evolution?

And what about animals?  Do they have the same sized soul as we do…..or is that all too far fetched to consider?

The truth is, one of the most empowering things you can do as a human being is looking at a big picture perspective when it comes to karma, and spiritual agreements and the IDEA that we may have karmic contracts with the people, places and even pets in our lives, which govern how we interact with all of them.

For example?

In my own life, and spiritual consulting practice, one of the most successful strategies for helping people overcome issues with difficult people is to envision having had a multitude of lifetimes with that person, and each lifetime is an opportunity to shift perspectives, and to learn a little bit about how they see the world as well.

A difficult person, for example…..MAY have been a pushover in a previous life.

A difficult, demanding boss…..may be trying to learn self expression, or how to overcome shyness, or how to assert his or herself to accomplish what it is that they are here to do.

YOUR karma,  or spiritual challenge in this lifetime may be totally different.

Yours may be to stand up for yourself, and to go and grow your spiritual self esteem.

To value your creativity, your contribution and your ability to NOT be intimidated by a more “powerful” personality.

In a sense, looked at through a very specific spiritual perspective, you could have a soul agreement with that other person that is MUTUALLY beneficial for both of you, even though on the surface, your personalities appear to be polar opposites.

If you shift roles with that person…….and this is especially helpful in marriages or romantic relationships, or even close family situations, you can imagine spending several lifetimes together with a specific group of “soul mates” where your challenges and obstacles are to go, grow and flow together as a group.

The same can be true of pets as well.

I had a very special dog a few years ago who I had dreamt of many years before I found him.  He had a whole assortment of medical issues…..and people always asked me, why would you adopt a stray dog with such medical challenges, especially when you know how expensive it’s going to be to maintain his short life?

Whether it was wishful thinking or karma……or my own intuition, or imagination, I had known immediately when I saw him that THIS was the dog I had dreamt about as a kid…and knew my karma, and his, was for me to care for him in this life.  When the vet told me later that he had a myriad of maladies that would shorten his life…….regardless of how long he had, or how expensive it was, I had an inexplicable sense of connection to this special pet that made the alternative (letting him go) an impossible choice that I simply couldn’t make.

The truth is, regardless of what you believe about life, death, spirituality or karma……you CAN control the perspective you place on the people around you, and your lot in life overall.  Looked at through the power and prism of a MUCH bigger story and journey than 70 or 80 or even 100 years can provide…the idea of spiritual agreements and karmic contracts is an empowering way to expand your awareness and cultivate a consciousness of continuous compassion, both for yourself, and others!

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