The most recent addition to our directory (better late, than never..:-) are the famed Psychic Twins…..Linda and Terry Jamison, the decidedly glamorous psychic sisters well known for their uncanny predictions that have amazed millions across the globe for many years.

While it appears like the Psychic Twins don’t do private readings for the “public” these days, they DO have an active and entertaining presence on social media, and a highly entertaining website that updates their fans, friends and followers about upcoming apperances and opportunities to interact with the sisters in a more intimate setting than TV.  (where they are most often seen)

For more info on the Jamison sisters, check out their full directory listing at the link following the short excerpt below.

For one……well, the obvious: They are TWINS..:-) And, with classical movie star looks, it’s no surprise they stand out in a crowd, even in the hyper competitive and unique spiritual circle in which they travel.BUT – most notable to us, is the power of some of their public predictions, which are hard to disregard, even for many of the most cynical skeptics, and debunkers who make a living picking apart the predictions and precognitive proclamations made by many high profile psychics, mediums and “fortune tellers”.

The Psychic Twins (Linda and Terry Jamison)

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