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Now Reading: Psychic Scams (Buyer Beware)


Psychic Scams (Buyer Beware)

Rose Marks Convicted of Fraud

It always saddens me to read about “psychic” scam artists like Rose Marks.

Hiding behind spiritual laws and universal secrets is never a good recipe when it comes to getting a legitimate reading, or input, insight or illumination from a spiritual teacher or advisor, and while it’s sad to say……you didn’t need to be all that psychic to see this one coming.

It’s interesting to see how long, and how MUCH many of her clients shelled out for years and years to get intuitive advice from Rose…..that wasn’t all that intuitive!  Famous author Jude Devereux lost close to 20 million dollars herself to this insidious woman……and it’s hard to fathom the scope of this sort of spiritual scam.

While this DOES NOT happen nearly as much as the skeptics and cynics want you to believe, it DOES happen – and those of us who are deeply invested in this work, and in this broader industry as a whole, need to be aware of those who trade in this sort of silliness.

(curses,  hexes, special secret ceremonies to summon this or cure that….to ME, that’s not the work of a true healer or really, what I believe most should be turning to psychics and mediums and evidential information intuitives for in the first place)

The BEST advice from this article?

Any time a psychic or medium or any type of professional tells you that you need to keep something “secret” or to not share something vitally important with people close to you, it’s a really good idea to go the other way. 

Secrets are rarely a stepping stone to finding truth – and if someone wants you keep one – the liklihood is, the secret you are keeping is their own.

For more on avoiding psychic scams – and on this particular case, check out the full article at the link below.

A woman who told her clients she had psychic powers that could fix their problems – past, future and tax-related – was found guilty of fraud and money laundering by a jury in federal criminal court.Rose Marks, who ran a psychic business in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, was immediately taken into custody after the jury’s verdict and faces up to 20 years in prison.Among Marks’ affluent clients who testified against her were a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, a British lawyer, a secretary for an accounting firm and other executives.One of her former clients, best-selling romance novel author Jude Devereux, consulted Marks – who went by the name “Joyce Michaels” – for 17 years seeking help in getting out of an abusive marriage, several miscarriages and the accidental death of her 8-year-old son Sam.

Psychic Found Guilty in $25 Million Fraud | Legal News |

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    Psychic Scams (Buyer Beware)

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