Does everyone have an aura?

What does mine look like? Does an aura change color? How do MOODS affect the color of an aura? Are they related to chakra’s…..enlightenment, religion or how spiritually “advanced” one is, or is that all a bunch of spiritual silliness that has no real place in the “real” world?

We get a lot of questions about aura reading, energy healing and the various ways one’s personal “vibrational field” may be associated with psychic or spiritual development, karma, maturity and all sorts of other ideas far too numerous to count here 🙂

The truth?

There are MANY different powerful permuations and interpretations, and IDEAS about what aura’s mean, and how they are read….even amongst those that do it for a living!

One thing that is 100% certain?

Everyone DOES have an energy – and a vibration – and an ethereal attitude thta we ALL give off as we live in the physical world. You don’t need to be able to see aura’s to understand that fact – as intuitively, we all know that some people radiate an effervescent sense of power, purpose, PASSION and positivity, and others give off a dark, depressing and dubious one.

How that energy appears is open to debate – but ignoring the obvious is not 🙂

Here is a really cool color coded aura chart you’ll probably really appreciate if you are just learning about this amazing field now – with a whole series of visual representations, and descriptions, of what one sensitive sees when she looks at the world around us all.

Check it out at the link below! (and if you’re interested and inspired by all of this spiritual stuff – don’t forget to sign up for our psychic development training right HERE as well)

Third Eye Open, When I look at you, this is what I see.

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