Michael Jackson remains one of the most popular “celebrity” connections for many psychics and mediums – and believe it or not, we get countless claims from professional readers who say they are in constant contact with the King of Pop.

(most of which, to be totally  honest with you…..we quickly delete from our inbox immediately thereafter 🙂

But here is a pretty interesting story, and video of well known Los Angeles spiritual medium AJ Barrera purportedly communicating with Michael Jackson from beyond the veil…..BUT, with La toya Jackson being the client (in disguise) who he is doing the reading for.

While AJ doesn’t identify Michael Jackson specifically – as THE MJ – during the segment filmed for the show – the “hits” he DOES bring forth are pretty specific, and hard to argue are general or random guesses that would apply to everyone. 

That said – many skeptics would argue that La Toya isn’t all that hard to identify…..even all disguised 🙂  AND of course, who knows how much information is held back from the audience, or how much AJ was told going in…..which would certainly compromise the integrity of the reading you are about to see, to say the least.

What do YOU think?  Is AJ really communicating with MJ?  Check out the whole article, and a video of the session – and then share with us on TWITTER, or in the community comments section below 🙂

Careful not to give anything away up front, La Toya dons a disguise and alters her voice so that the spiritual medium, A.J. Barrera, won’t be influenced by her identity.Sitting across from a disguised La Toya and her business partner Jeffré, A.J. dives right into the psychic session. “It’s almost like there’s a fate seeker trying to find things and look for things where you’re at right now,” A.J. says to La Toya in the clip. Then, a few moments later: “Where’s the June significance at for you?”La Toya is stunned that A.J. has mentioned the month of Michael’s passing. The medium then asks her, “Is there like a Mickey or Michael connected here too, please?””Yes, there is,” La Toya responds.Upon hearing that this Michael has passed, A.J. tells La Toya that Michael’s spirit is coming through loud and clear. “It’s almost like they’re showing me a bunch of passion [and] vibrant energy,” he says.Then, A.J. seems to address Michael’s cause of death. “I feel like there [were] toxins in my body, like drugs or like an overdose,” he says. “His passing was an accident, but it wasn’t.”

La Toya Jackson’s Psychic Visit: Spiritual Medium Delivers Message From Michael (VIDEO)

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