Think you need to make an appointment with a famous psychic or celebrity medium to have a genuine experience with the “divine”?  Think again!  Some of our best and most reputable readers are not only easily accessible to all, they are actually amongst the easiest to afford as well.

For example?

As long term publishers in the new age niche and spiritual advice industry…….Psychic Source, a Langhorne PA telephone psychic service with over 2 decades of experience in the spiritual advice marketplace, has been one of our most reliable and consistent performers for many years – with hundreds (close to 1 thousand) of our own members utilizing their phone readings over the years with great success and satisfaction.

And while many of the psychics and mediums we write about and recommend have long waiting lists and can be fairly expensive for the average budget, Psychic Source and similar phone based services are a great way to get a good taste of how much fun, entertaining and enlightening a psychic reading can be.  (without pressure, or having to leave the comfort and convinience of home as well)

Check out our full psychic source listing HERE – and if you’ve had an experience with any of their readers, feel free to leave a review, or share your thoughts in the community comments section as well!