Anthony Teresi Psychic Listing and Reviews

We’ve added a new celebrity psychic to our directory – Anthony Teresi, a well known self described master astrologer, spiritual life coach and practicing psychic from Thousand Oaks, California! 

Anthony is someone we’ve gotten a few inquiries about over the last few months while setting up our site, especially from folks looking for spiritual life coaching on the West Coast of the US.

We’re happy to add Anthony Teresi to our psychic directory…..and if you’ve had an experience with him in person, by phone or otherwise, feel free to leave a review of your thoughts and experience!  Check out his full listing at the link below on the directory portion of our site.

Anthony has been on countless TV shows, radio programs and featured extensively in print and digital media….and is considered by many to be one of the preeminent psychic personalities in the US, especially well known in his native California. (he is located in Thousand Oaks)He comes from a long line of psychics and began his metaphysical journey of self-discovery at the tender age of ten.

Anthony Teresi

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