What are the best questions to ask when speaking to a medium?

Is there a way to tell if a psychic is cold reading?  What about the best way to get REAL evidence that the information is coming from spirit……and NOT from you?

The truth is, while there are many, many amazing psychics, mediums and spiritually connected coaches and “advisors” working in the world today, there are plenty of others who are simply NOT so skilled in spirit, but much MORE so in guessing, cold reading and picking up signs, symbols and signals from YOU that they then use to offer up information under the guise of being something more than what it really is. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with turning to someone and trusting their intuition – HOWEVER – if you are truly looking to hear from a loved one who has crossed over, and are using those messages from a medium as a sign or symbol of the continuity of life after death, in my view…..it’s a whole different experience, and level of expectation, completely.

Check out the short article below on some of the ways you can empower yourself during a psychic or spiritual reading, and prepare to get REAL insight, real information and ultimately…..REAL inspiration that your loved ones DO continue “living” after their bodies die, and the short of questions a good medium can answer to provide first hand PROOF that they are getting evidence from a source other than YOU during the session.

DO ask for guidance from spirit before you begin. In other words, reach out to your loved ones who you’d like to hear from, even if only in your own mind, and ASK for a sign.Ask for a symbol.

Tell them you want to get something specific from the medium that offers overwhelming evidence that they are really “there” during your session.DON’T allow the medium to offer very general and broadly applicable information during the reading that you know in your gut isn’t specific to you.

(for example, it’s very common during a face to face racing for a “cold reader” to use your age, your demeanor and body language to guess why you have come, and then to formulate a story around that to make it appear like it’s coming from spirit, when in instead… it’s coming from YOU!DO write down pen names, unique experiences and events, and very specific things you shared with the people you’d like for the medium to connect with.

When this happens, and this sort of information DOES come through, it’s the very best evidence for an afterlife there is, especially when you know in your bones there is NO way the reader could have guessed, made it up or picked up this information from any other source OTHER than spirit.

What Should I Ask a Medium? (And How to Get Personal PROOF The Afterlife Is Real)

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