Looking for a good psychic, medium, spiritual coach or clairvoyant in California?

You aren’t alone! 🙂

We’ve added a bunch of new reader recommend professional psychics and readers of all types and stripes from Los Angeles and throughout Southern California over the last few days, based almost entirely on input from our subscribers.  (thanks for the suggestions…and if you know of a California psychic or medium you’d like to see featured on the directory from the West Coast, or really ANYWHERE in the world, don’t hesitate to let us know about them on Twitter, or by using the contact form below)

Newly updated for September, here is our most recently updated list of local psychics and spiritual professionals from Los Angeles, San Diego and a few as far North as San Francisco as well.  

As always, if you’ve had a reading with any of the folks we have listed on our site, sharing your rating and experience (good, bad or anywhere in between) is a great way of helping other people in the public know who to choose for their own reading when seeking out spiritual advice in the future.   (especially for the curious but NOT yet convinced amongst us 🙂

And remember, always do a little bit of due diligence before investing your time, energy, enthusiasm and income on ANY psychic or medium – read reviews, check out what (if anything) they share on social media, take a peek at their website, read blog posts or articles – it’s amazing how much of someone’s “ethos” or approach you can learn from spending a few minutes “stalking” their  content, character and community  online, before getting a low quality reading you’ll instantly forget….and later regret.


Agree?  Disagree?  Have an amazing (or disappointing) experience with a Southern California Psychic you want to get off your chest?

Share your thoughts in the community comments, or say on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!


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