Dr Bruce Greyson (author of the highly recommended book After and one of the worlds most respected researchers into the science of near death experiences) shares some of his thoughts on life, death and the afterlife for Big Think.

Our favorite part of this great series is some of the fantastic comments left by other folks who have had NDE’s themselves…..check those out for some incredibly inspiring stories of what ordinary people experience at the moment of death.

I had an NDE 56 years ago. I did not talk about it until society began sharing these experiences in the media. Recently I have been interested in physics and came upon a discussion of worm holes as part of Einsteins theory. The description of a wormhole sounds so much like a description of the tunnel I saw with a light at the end. It really has me thinking about this explanation of my experience and how amazed I was at the absence of a feeling of time and space. I only experienced being. I was telepathically told it was not my time and to return to my body. I have never forgotten this experience and lost a fear of death. I am now 84 and waiting.

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