A recording of the 2022 Brain Awareness Week Panel Discussion, where we chat about topics related to what happens to our brain, mind, and consciousness as we die. Unfortunately the first ~10 minutes were cut off, but we begin with the question of, “How can we define death?”

Includes a whole host of brilliant panelists: • Dr. Lindsey Gurin, assistant professor of neurology and psychiatry, with expertise in neuro-rehabilitation at NYU Grossman School of Medicine • Dr. Megan Craig, associate professor of philosophy and art at Stony Brook University, with an interest in the mind-body problem • Dr. Anthony Bossis, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, conducting psychedelic research at NYU Grossman School of Medicine • Dr. Donald Hoffman, professor of cognitive science, studying consciousness at University of California, Irvine • Dr. Sam Parnia, associate professor of medicine and director of Critical Care and Resuscitation Research at NYU Langone Health, dedicating his research to improving resuscitation techniques and understanding what happens to the human mind during and after cardiac arrest

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