So  you are considering calling a psychic or a medium?  Are you wondering what 2020 has in store for you?  Or maybe you are simply curious but not convinced?  Many people in our community ask us questions about preparing to speak to a psychic.  There is also so much bad information out there about what you should expect when calling a psychic, how a medium reading differs from a psychic one, and what constitutes a good, vs a bad reading (or experience) as well.  With that in mind, here are 3 simple things to remember when calling a psychic.

  1.  In theory, a good psychic should be as accurate by phone as they are in person.  As a matter of fact, contrary to what you may read elsewhere, there is far less chance of a psychic “cold reading” by phone, than there is when you are sitting in front of another person face to face.  (as your posture, facial expressions, clothing, age, attitude and everything else are far more revealing than many of us realize)  A phone reading, especially one where you are measured about what you say up front, can be far more illuminating and informative than most face to face experiences.
  2. Less is more.  Keep your answers short and sweet, and as binary as possible.  (yes and no answers are helpful to a genuine psychic or medium, whereas rambling explanations and discussions of where you are in life, what you need, and what you’re struggling with are counter productive and can poison a reading for both client, and clairvoyant alike.
  3. A psychic is NOT the same thing as a medium…….and contrary to what you’ll read elsewhere, a MEDIUM is not always the best psychic, either.  These are different sorts of skills, are developed, improved and enhanced differently, and rarely have we found that people who feel the future with incredibly sharp intuition and insight are also equally as astute at after death communication readings. (and visa versa is also true – some of our favorite and most accurate mediums are often not so good at psychic predictions or feeling/sensing what may happen for a caller or client, later in life)

Lastly, don’t overspend or overcomit to a reading economically or emotionally.  Our community comments are littered by people who have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on single sessions with celebrity psychics, only to become disenchanted and disappointed by the experience.  We’ve also had an avalanche of positive comments from folks who have had readings with phone psychics or mediums who work for inexpensive networks (like Psychic Source or similar services) and who have had extraordinary experiences for 20 or 30 dollars or less.  The key is, keep an open mind, keep your expectations in check, and don’t break the bank for ANY psychic or medium.  (even for someone you see on TV)

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