Curious about the symbolism of the Hanged Man in your tarot deck? Fear not, we got you!

The hanged man card carries much symbolism and can have a wide variety of unique interpretations depending on the context and the reader’s perspective. (take note of this fact whether you’re getting a reading and the hanged man card shows up for you – of you’re GIVING tarot readings, and you’re curious about it’s significance)

Here are 5 fairly straightforward interpretations of the Hanged Man card:

  1. Suspension and Surrender: The Hanged Man represents a state of suspension or pause in life. It suggests the need to let go, surrender, and look at things from a different perspective. It encourages the individual to release control and allow life to unfold naturally.
  2. Sacrifice and Martyrdom: The card can also symbolize sacrifice and selflessness. It may indicate a situation where you need to make sacrifices or let go of something important for the greater good or personal growth.
  3. Change in Perspective: The Hanged Man often suggests the need to change your perspective or shift your viewpoint. By looking at things differently, you may gain new insights and wisdom. It encourages you to think outside the box and consider alternative viewpoints.
  4. Wisdom and Enlightenment: The Hanged Man is associated with gaining spiritual insight and enlightenment through surrender and acceptance. It represents the idea that sometimes we must let go and trust the process in order to find deeper understanding or achieve a breakthrough.
  5. Acceptance of Delay or Patience: The card can indicate a period of waiting, delay, or a need for patience. It advises accepting the current circumstances and trusting that the timing is right, even if it may not align with your immediate desires.

The bottom line?

As a general rule, the Hanged Man card is usually seen as a symbol of surrender, letting go, taking a setp back and starting again from a unique vantage point or different perspective.

The Hanged Man invites you to to embrace change, seek wisdom in unconventional ways, and have both persistence and patience in the face of adversity, obstacles and challenges.

It’s a flexible card, too. So take note. Interpretations can vary, and it’s best to consider the card’s meaning in the context of the specific reading in which it appears.

As usual – we appreciate you – and invite you to dive in a bit more deeply, if you need a reading!

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