Turning to Mediums in Trying Times

Why do people seek out mediums?  Is it a natural desire to emerge from the deep despair of losing a loved one – or is it an instinct that can be harmful to the healing/grieving process?  While many “skeptics” believe that mediums take advantage of people during moments of incredible vulnerability, our experience with mediums during difficult times is the opposite:  They are helpful, hopeful, and healing experiences for most.  (and regardless of what you may believe about the nature of the messages from mediums, or even whether they’re accurate at all – if someone is helped, it’s hard to understand how that can be a bad thing)

More below on how normalizing psychic mediumship can be a very helpful experience to include in the healing toolbox.

Psychic medium and author of Divine Wisdom Lisa Williams wants to normalize what mediums do and show the science behind intuitive abilities. ,

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