Regardless of what you think about his readings, it’s difficult to not appreciate Tyler Henry’s openness, attitude and seemingly authentic appreciation of the people he encounters on his path.  Unlike other celebrity mediums in the news –  Tyler feels down to earth and has a natural generosity about him that’s hard to fake.  (we’ve met Tyler several times in both public and “psychic” community settings, and he’s nice, genuine and most notably – strikingly “normal” while being the most famous person in the room)

“Unlike other television mediums, 22-year-old Henry has latched onto a profitable niche: celebrities. Even if you don’t believe a moment of his readings, it’s hard not to watch with fascination how various stars react to news that a dead brother may not have committed suicide, a deceased parent is remorseful over gambling transgressions, or a passed loved one just wants to say one final goodbye. There’s even a twist: Henry doesn’t know ahead of time who he’s going to do a reading for, an aspect the show’s executive producer, Michael Corbett, forcefully backs up”

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